Slots Magic – Nice Casino with a different approach

In this introduction to Slots Magic casino we will take a look at how the casino came to be in the first place, what made it successful and feedback from the community about their services.


Even though Slots Magic was officially launched in 2014, its history dates a little further back. Previously it was known as Jackpot Party and belonged to a company from US, WMS Industries, specializing in lottery and slots.

In 2014 the website was sold to EGO, E-Gaming Online. They rebranded the casino into what it is today – Slots Magic.


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Slots Magic does that makes them a rising star. It’s not like there is nothing to say. On the contrary, there is so much. First of all, they have a great welcome offer for any kind of a player. Small bonuses, big bonuses and loads of free spins. They also have a useful promotional calendar where you can find everything that’s going on at the casino from new bonus offers to games where you can quadruple the rate at which you collect Slots Magic casino points.7

We also have to mention their VIP cashback program. There are six VIP levels overall, each giving you more for your every single spin.

What people say

It’s not surprise that the majority of comments found online concerning Slots Magic are either positive or extremely positive. Any player can find a fantastic welcome package for them when they join. However, we did find a couple of negatives. One person in particular was unhappy because he wasn’t able to play demo versions of the slots without registering first.


Overall, the Slots Magic casino is amazing. They seem to have it all figured out and it’s probably only going to get better. There are still some potential improvements but they have taken care of everything that matters from their desktop and mobile software, great customer support to offers and rewards that players will never find elsewhere.